How to Position Your Business in This Time Of Disruption

How to Position Your Business in This Time Of Disruption

The Business Resiliency Strategy that will Drive Results


Whether your business has been directly impacted by the Coronavirus because you were forced to close it, or because like me, someone in your family has fallen ill and died from it, we have all been impacted in some way by the current situation.

You may agree that life is always changing, and it seems that as business owners we always must deal with change.

If at any time in your life, you had an experience like I did when I suffered a horrible illness that put me in the hospital for 9 days and resulted in me having a total financial breakdown due to an unsurmountable amount of medical bills, you may feel as I do: If you and I survived those situations we can survive this situation too.

You will agree that to succeed in business, we must have resiliency. Becoming an entrepreneur is synonymous with flexibility and the ability to bounce back.

At times, being a small...

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Many Businesses Will Not Survive This Pandemic, Will Yours?

Many Businesses Will Not Survive This Pandemic, Will Yours?

5 Simple Secrets to Be Successful Over the Next 90 Days


Were you prepared for this global pandemic? Have you adjusted to the current way of doing business?

Perhaps you may agree with me when I tell you that I believe we will survive our current situation.

Perhaps like me, you feel that if we survived 9/11, we will survive “social distancing” during this era of COVID-19.

Do you remember 9/11?

Where were you?

How did the events of the 9/11 attacks disturb your life?

On the morning of 9/11, I was driving on the GW Bridge in NYC on my way to work in lower Manhattan.

Did the events of 9/11 have an impact on our lives?

Yes, without going into details, I will tell you that it forced me to stay home for an entire month. But guess what? I made it through and came out alright.

After 9/11, I was hit once again by the financial crisis of 2008. Before that crisis, I had been enjoying the greatest financial prosperity...

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