Manifesting Money in 7 Days? It's Possible! (Here's How)

money manifesting Mar 25, 2024

Are you feeling fearful about manifesting the money you want to manifest before the end of the month?

Are you thinking and feeling – “it is just not possible.”

But are you sure it is not possible?

What if - it is possible?

Are you open and receptive to believing it can be possible?

If you are receptive to a new way of thinking then you are invited to “Flip The Script” by practicing the F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ Method of Manifesting in your journal today.

Here is what you want to do: First FEEL:

Begin by identifying your current limiting belief. For example, "I am not going to manifest the money I want this month because there are only 7 days left to this month and I have never been able to do that before."

Acknowledge your fear without judgment.
Where did this fear originate from?
Is it your ongoing scarcity mentality saying this to you or is it the fear of not being able to “make it happen”?

Pause here to Journal about why you feel this way?!

We often choose fear because it feels familiar, even if it holds us back. Furthermore, we might doubt something is possible because we haven't seen it happen for ourselves.

For example, if you have never manifested $7,000 in 7 days, it's easy to believe it's out of reach. But, what if it's not true? Perhaps you may feel the divine encouraging you to take a simple inspired action like doing a quick internet search on google and writing “how to make $7000 in a week?”

What if you find, as I did, that there are several ways to achieve this! Now, although this does not guarantee it will happen in 7 days for you, it proves it's possible.

Write this down! It is possible!

You are invited to challenge your limiting beliefs. Is it truly impossible, or are you choosing to believe that because of past experiences?

The second step is to ACT or take Action.

Now comes the ACTION. Your action is to “Flip the Script!.” It's time to rewrite the story or the MoneyScript - as I call it.

Replace the negative feeling and believe with a positive MoneyScript and Flip the Script! “It is possible for someone to make or manifest $7,000.00 in 7 days.” Then you can write a different MoneyScript for yourself:

Every day in every way I am more open and receptive to infinite possibilities.”

Write this or something similar that feels true to you in your journal several times and read it several times for a few days until you become open to the possibility.

Third and Final step is Be. Be someone who BElieves it is possible. Believe in Miracles! A miracle is simply a shift in consciousness. Be open to the possibility. Finally, embody the feeling of being financially free! Imagine yourself already $7,000 richer. Feel the joy and security of you being able to manifest what you want. You are becoming what you Feel, Act, and Behave as!

By practicing the F.A.B. MoneyScripting Method, as your new daily journaling practice, you can rewrite your financial story and Flip The Script from fearful to financially free!

Ready to Flip The Script?

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