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Monday, February 26th, 2024











Hello there, FABulous Female Entrepreneur


Do you dream of a life where cash flows effortlessly, where your bank account reflects the magic and brilliance you bring to the world?


Do you want to give up the hustle?


Are you ready to ditch the scarcity mindset and step into financial abundance?

This is your opportunity and the sign you have been waiting for! 


By the end of our time together you will have a powerful tool in your toolbox that you can access on demand to empower you to feel powerful, worthy, and deserving of manifesting money!


My friend, let me tell you, that's not just a dream - it's your birthright.

As your money manifesting Maestra, I'm here to guide you on a 5-day journey to unlock the money goddess.

Step into your future of financial freedom and watch it materialize before your eyes. 

Upgrade to the VIP experience and get:

  • ✅Live 30 Q&A sessions with me: Your money manifesting guide, answering your burning questions and clearing your blocks to abundance.

  • ✅Bonus Money Manifesting Meditative Visualization ™ Exercises: Supercharge your wealth attraction with guided visualizations designed to reprogram your subconscious mind for abundance.

  • ✅ Replays & Recordings

Ready to say goodbye to financial struggle and hello to a life overflowing with prosperity?

Click the button below to join the 2024 Money Manifesting Challenge and start attracting your dream life today!


VIP spots are first come, first serve so don't miss out on this chance to transform your financial reality and upgrade to VIP.

Remember, you deserve abundance. Now claim it!

With love,


Your Money Manifesting Maestra


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What to expect during this challenge?



Unlock Your Inner Money Goddess and Ditch the financial struggle by embracing abundance with me Evie Diaz, your Money Manifesting Maestra.

I'll personally guide you through powerful mindset shifts, practical money rituals, and manifesting secrets that have helped countless women break through financial plateaus and claim their prosperity.

Learn to rewrite your money story, dissolve limiting beliefs, and activate your financial superpowers. Get ready to step into your financial sovereignty with confidence and grace.


Sisterhood of Abundance: You're not in this alone, beautiful soul! This challenge is about creating a supportive community where you'll find accountability partners, fierce cheerleaders, and lifelong friendships. Imagine a safe space where you can share your fears and wins, receive encouragement from like-minded women, and build camaraderie with your future financial queens. This isn't just a challenge, it's a sisterhood fueled by abundance and purpose.


Shower yourself in prosperity (literally!): We're not just talking about mindset shifts here. This challenge is bursting with amazing giveaways to fuel your financial journey. One lucky goddess will win a priceless one-on-one Money Manifesting session with Evie herself!

(Valued at $497.00)

Plus, on days 1 and 2 you have a chance to win a VIP upgrade.

Gift certificates, cash prizes, and a mystery gift are up for grabs. And to top it all off, Day 5 holds a grand prize just waiting to be claimed!

So, get ready to manifest your dreams and be showered in abundance with this challenge!

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(Join us only on the days you want, or SAVE OVER $25 by becoming a VIP!)

Day 1: Unlock Your Financially Free Future Because

What you want, wants you! 

Ready to shift your mindset around money and unlock the potential for real financial freedom?

Prepare to ignite your intentions, Goddess!

On Day 1, we rip through the limiting belief daze and unveil your truth: what you want, WANTS you!

Here's what you will gain:


Uncover the true intentions that are hidden beneath your limiting beliefs. Those beliefs that are holding you back from discovering the truth: what you want, WANTS you!


Connect with your "Fabulously Financially Free Future Self" through a guided Meditative Visualization™ and see your financial destiny.

Fuel your journey with Action:

While visualization is important, this is just the beginning. Learn about the proven method I've developed (with specific steps and exercises) to turn your vision into reality.

Remember, this is just the beginning. During days 2 through 5, we will jump into my method, providing you with a roadmap to financial freedom.

Invest in your future and join us!


Day 2: FEEL Your Emotion because Emotions are Energy in Motion.

Imagine waking up feeling empowered, not just financially, but emotionally too.

That's what Day 2 is all about, harnessing the energy of your emotions. We'll explore how your feelings are not just internal whispers, but powerful currents shaping your reality. You'll learn to tap into the vibrant energy of joy, gratitude, and abundance, and transform any lingering fear or doubt. Expect to feel a shift in your emotional landscape, leaving you empowered and ready to channel your emotions into manifesting magic.

Day 2 holds the key: Unlock the secrets to harnessing your emotions with my signature F.A.B.™ Feel, Act, and Be MoneyScripting™ Method of Manifesting Financial Freedom. 


Day 3: ACT as if and it will BE! Dare to Dream It, Do It - Claim Your Financially Free Future and Unlock the Goddess Within


Waking up with the unshakeable confidence of knowing your financial freedom is within reach.
Taking action with laser focus, guided by a personalized roadmap you crafted yourself.
Feeling the thrill of accomplishment as you check off milestones towards your dream life.

Get ready to step into your power, Goddess! By the end of this day, you will FEEL what it feels like to be your Fabulous Financially Free Future Self and you will learn how to ACT with intention and confidence. Your personalized roadmap to financial freedom will begin to be created and you will feel ready to take confident steps towards becoming your future self.

Together, let's turn your dreams into reality. Dare to dream it, do it, and claim your financially free future. See you on Day 3, Queen!


Day 4: Be, Belief, and Become Her Rewrite Your Money Story

Day 4 you will understand the power of Being, Believing, and Becoming Her by first acknowledging that you are already enough. We'll explore the power of self-acceptance and dive deep into the core beliefs that shape your financial reality. 

You'll discover how to step into the confident persona of your abundant self, cultivate an unshakeable belief in your financial magic, and witness the incredible transformation that unfolds as you become the woman who attracts wealth effortlessly.

Learn to rewrite limiting narratives and embrace your inherent abundance. 

It's time to Be, Believe, and Become the woman who magnetizes wealth with ease. Join us on Day 4!


Day 5: SOAR with the Momentum of Manifestation.

On Day 5, celebrate your journey and witness the transformative power of manifestation!

We'll ignite the final spark, to propel you forward unto your new journey of infinite abundance.

By now, you should feel a surge of unstoppable inspiration and momentum, fueled by the limitless possibilities that await you.

This is the day when you consciously create a new chapter of your life where you carefully create the story of how precisely you will SOAR.

Goddess, finally embrace the life of abundance you have so powerfully created!


BONUS DAY 6: VIP's SOAR & Celebrate Together

On Day 6, Saturday, we will celebrate our VIPs and top manifesting, magnetic women in the challenge. This is a day of connection, fun, and miracles!


I'm Evie!

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Adventurer & Your Money Manifesting "Maestra" 

Although I was born and raised in the government housing projects of Newark, NJ. I dreamed of creating a life beyond the bricks, and dirt of poverty. Today, I am an Inspirational Speaker and Transformation Expert, guiding fierce women like you to rise above your BS (Belief System) to manifest your wildest dreams.


Forget college degrees and six-figure investments in courses. My superpowers come from my Source - within, Unity wisdom, and the unshakeable belief that every queen deserves a crown.


See, I learned something crucial: textbooks teach, but transformation? That's an inside job. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of negativity, I'm rebuilding myself anew. Now, I help women like you do the same.


Forget "shoulda, woulda, coulda." Let's talk "will do, am doing, did it!" I'm your transformation cheerleader, your "kick in the pants" whisperer. Together, we'll set fire to your limiting beliefs and manifest the future that makes your soul sing.

Join us for the Money Manifesting

5-Day Challenge On

Monday, February 26th, 2024











See what other women have said about my training

"You are not just talking the talk; you are walking the walk."

Dr. Joy

"I have learned a lot about myself in less than a week. Things I never considered  have helped me to stay disciplined where needed."

Antoinette Oosthuizen


Money Manifesting Challenge Disclaimer

Please read carefully before participating in the Money Manifesting Challenge.


Welcome to the SOAR to Freedom 5-Day Money Manifesting Challenge

This program is designed to help you explore your beliefs and mindset around money and personal empowerment.
This Money Manifesting Challenge is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a guaranteed path to financial success.

The Money Manifesting Challenge is designed to be a personal growth and self-exploration program. It is not a financial advice program, and it does not guarantee any specific financial results. The program focuses on developing your confidence, beliefs, and mindset about money. It is intended to be an empowering experience to help you explore your inner self and release limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Please understand:
The program does not provide financial advice or investment recommendations. It focuses on personal development and mindset shifts related to money.

No Guarantees:
The Money Manifesting Challenge does not guarantee any specific financial results. Your financial success will depend on your individual efforts, skills, knowledge, and other factors outside of our control.

Individual results may vary.
No guarantees or outcomes are promised. Your success depends on your own efforts, actions, and unique circumstances.

Earnings Disclaimer:
We do not claim that you will earn any specific amount of money as a result of participating in the Money Manifesting Challenge. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

FTC Compliance:
This program is not a substitute for professional financial advice. We recommend that you consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any major financial decisions.

The program does not replace professional financial advice. If you have financial concerns, please consult with a qualified financial advisor.
This program is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

By participating in the program, you agree to the following:

You understand and acknowledge the risks involved in any personal development program.

You are solely responsible for your results and outcomes.

Disclaimer of Warranties:
This program is provided "as is" without a warranty of any kind, express or implied.

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You understand and agree that participating in the Money Manifesting Challenge involves inherent risks, including, but not limited to, the risk of financial loss. You assume all such risks voluntarily.

You will not hold Evie (Everlydis) Diaz, Bizniversity® or XoomIm, LLC
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You agree to all the program's terms and conditions.

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Entire Agreement:
This disclaimer constitutes the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the Money Manifesting Challenge and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications, representations, or agreements, whether oral or written.

If any provision of this disclaimer is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

We reserve the right to update this disclaimer at any time. Your continued participation in the Money Manifesting Challenge after such updates constitutes your acceptance of the updated terms.

If you have any questions about this disclaimer, please contact us at [email protected]