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Are you frustrated by a lack of consistent online sales?


Are you praying that the "latest marketing tool" will MAGICALLY increase your bottom line?


Are you feeling defeated because you cannot figure out what you are doing wrong?


Do not worry!!!



Bizniversity® Strategic Growth Speaker - Evie Hernandez - will teach you how to generate more online sales easily with ease.


Now, you can finally learn how to leverage marketing automation by using our Bizniversity® Sales Automation Strategy


You may agree that the right strategy can help your company sell more, faster, without sacrificing quality.


By leveraging our Bizniversity® Sales Automation Strategy you will grow and scale your business faster because you will know how to begin automating your client attraction, lead nurturing and customer retention to boost your sales results more efficiently.


If you want to generate more sales, grow your profits, and accelerate your business growth, then you want to invest in a Bizniversity® Strategic Growth Seminar to learn more about how our Sales Automation Strategy can help you Attract, Capture and Retain More Clients Easily with Ease.


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Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent Clients
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3 Simple Secrets to Easily and Quickly Boost the Growth of Your Business

By implementing the tips in this FREE video training, you will discover:

1.) One of the best ways to ATTRACT Your Ideal Clients
2.) How to CAPTURE and Captivate Clients by Giving them What they Want
3.) 7 Simple Steps to Sell More Solutions to Clients More Consistently

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Strategic Growth Session

Why you may want to schedule a Strategic Growth Session today:

Below are the top 5 reasons why Online Content Creators (speakers, authors, coaches, podcasters, bloggers, and YouTubers) schedule Strategic Growth Sessions with Evie.

1.) You need to increase your online Brand Awareness and Visibility
2.) You need to generate more and better quality and qualified client leads.
3.) You need to attract more online sales to your products, and services.
4.) You need and want to monetize your email list or social media group.
5.) Your business has reached a plateau and you need to re-energize it because you want to be able to sell more online solutions easily with ease.


Who is Evie?

Evie is a Strategic Growth Speaker who teaches content creators (speakers, authors, coaches, podcasters, bloggers, and YouTubers) how to Attract clients easily with ease by leveraging the power of marketing automation.

She is the founder of Bizniversity® Strategic Growth Seminars– an innovative learning platform focused on teaching about the latest digital marketing automation strategies, tactics, and tools.





Bizniversity® Bites

Bite-size bits of marketing and sales tips for the human who has the attention span of a goldfish

How and Why you Should Dare Delete Unwanted People from Your List

You may not believe what I just did!
Would you dare delete over 1000 people from your list?
I dare you to delete people!
It sounds a little crazy, but I just had to do it.
I had to delete over 1000 people from my email list.


How are your beliefs about money preventing you from attracting sales?

My relationship deteriorated when I was forced to declare bankruptcy due to non-payment of over $250,000 in medical bills.

Let me explain. I had to declare bankruptcy because I became very ill and ended up in a hospital emergency room dying.
I did not have the money to pay for my over $250,000.00 in medical expenses.
By the way, just in case you are wondering, I had no medical insurance because I thought I was young and overall healthy.


What is Marketing Automation and how does it help you grow your business?

Automation is about streamlining processes, limiting distractions, and saving time and effort. By leveraging automation, you will have a mind that is clear of clutter and will be able to spend your days doing more of what matters most to you.

You may be wondering what can you automate?

You can automate practically all of your marketing tasks, but my favorite three things to automate are:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Content Writing