Join a Virtual Event!
Join a Virtual Event!

Are you a Speaker, Author, Coach, Course Creator, or Marketing Consultant?

Are you frustrated and tired by the lack of results from your marketing campaigns?


Are you hoping the "next latest app" will help improve your sales results?


Are you feeling defeated because you cannot figure out what you are doing wrong?


Do not worry! Because . . .


Bizniversity® Strategic Growth Seminars will teach you

how to create a Sales Generation System™

to Automate and Accelerate your marketing and sales results.


Find out more now by checking out our Bizniversity® Virtual Seminars.


Also feel free to register to receive your weekly copy of our Biz Bytes: Bite-Size Business Growth Tips that Make you Money and Save you Time!

Reserve Your Spot below for a Live Virtual Seminar in February.

(Recording will be made available.)

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How to Grow Your List with Videos When You are NOT a Video Pro

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Video On Demand (VOD) classes are the pay per view version of our online training course for those of you who need to train on your own time.  You may choose one class or a series of classes.

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Join one of our live public group classes at a location near you if you prefer an in-person experience. We have our Strategic Growth Seminars, Series and the Strategic Growth Summit. 

Join An Event!

We can offer you a variety of different topics that can all be customized to meet your company's specific business needs. From Strategic Marketing, to Social Media, and Email Marketing.

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Pegine Echevarria

"I hired Evie Hernandez to be my focused strategic marketing coach and accountability partner for a specific product launch. She helped me with wording and staying focused."

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Shelly Patton

National Director of Sales and Marketing

“The training exceeded my expectations... In one word, it was exceptional!”

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Ann McNeill 

"We had a phenomenal full day working with Evie Hernandez on Strategy for all our 5 businesses. I would recommend her highly."

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