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Evie Diaz 
Money Manifesting and Marketing Mindset
Speaker and Author

From Government Welfare to Wealthy Mindset

Evie Diaz is living proof that transformation is possible. Raised in poverty, on government assistance, and overcoming a challenging upbringing marked by abuse and hardship, Evie defied the odds.
Today, she's a powerhouse speaker, a soon-to-be Hay House published author, and your ultimate Inspirational Speaker.
Overcoming poverty, abuse, and personal struggles, Evie is a testament to the power of intentionality, self-belief, and mastering your mindset. As a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and with over $100,000 invested in self-development, Evie cracked the code on breaking limiting beliefs and manifesting abundance.
Today, as the creator of the F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ Method, Evie empowers heart-centered women entrepreneurs to break free from limiting beliefs and manifest the financial freedom they deserve.
Evie isn't just about motivation, she's about results. If you are ready to unlock your financial potential and manifest the life of your dreams connect with Evie today!


Top 7 Reasons to Book Evie Hernandez


One of the many reasons why people enjoy listening to Evie is energizing, uplifting, and memorable.


Evie’s seminars are fun and energizing. They are filled with practical and actionable ideas that drive results.


Her deeply personal, revealing approach leaves audiences leaning forward and then leaping to their feet.


From the first call to the thunderous applause of her audience, Evie is the epitome of professionalism, responsiveness, and service.


Evie tailors every seminar to the specific conference or company needs and objectives.


She has experience not only teaching about growth Strategies, Tactics and Tools, but she has also implemented them in her business as well as those of her clients.


Evie has a proven track record of helping companies grow their online business.


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