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The following benefits

  1. 30-50% Commission* on upsells. 
  2. 30-50% OFF VIP and VIP Plus Passes on events that you Promote and Participate
  3. You get 50% OFF all our Seminars you promote for 6 months
  4. Public acknowledgment during and after events that you promote and participate in.
  5. Bonus Affiliate Partners Prizes

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Thank you for joining!

We are excited to have you join our Affiliate Partner Program to promote our  Seminars, Summits, Challenges, Camps, Retreats, and Membership. Partners like you make the promotion of our events easier and more fun!

Why Partner with Us?

Mutual Benefit:
Your audience will gain valuable tools and resources to improve their financial well-being, while you earn a generous commission for each participant you refer.


Strong Earning Potential:

You can earn 20% - 50% commission on our programs.

I will show you what this can look like by going through my sales funnel.

Step #1 invite women to participate in the Money Manifesting Challenge as a VIP

For example, if you refer 5 women you earn around $30 (minus taxes and credit card fees.) That is about $6 for each VIP Challenge participant ($30 ticket price)

Step#2 You invited them, they experienced it and they want more!

For example let’s say 2 of the women you invited move forward with our 3-Month Money Manifesting Journaling Journey you will receive 30% commission when one of your guests joins step #2. 

Step #3 High-Ticket Potential

You can earn a whopping $599 (approximately) for each participant you refer to our exclusive 3-Day Retreat 

Perfect Fit for Your Community:

This challenge is ideal for women who struggle with “I can’t afford to get coaching, buy a book, invest in myself” or “I am afraid of asking for the sale, or asking for money for my services.”


Easy & Rewarding:

We provide all the marketing materials you need to promote the challenge effortlessly. Plus, you'll have access to a dedicated affiliate portal for tracking your referrals and commissions.

Here's What Your Audience Gets:

  • A powerful and energetic money mindset shift during our 5-Day Money Mindset Challenge. They will feel that they can overcome financial fears and limiting beliefs.
  • A breakthrough Valuable tools and strategies to create a healthy relationship with money.
  • A supportive community of women on the same journey.


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I'd love to chat more about how we can work together to empower your audience and help them achieve financial freedom.