A 3-Day Immersive Experience for Speakers and Course Creators

Dare to Surpass Your Fears to Attract the Sales You Want!


A one-of-a-kind experience that will bring out the superstar in you.


Bizniversity® Sales Made Easy

Live Virtual Conference 

October 13-15, 2022










Influence, Impact, and Succeed


Imagine, making so many sales that you’re not wondering when you’re going on vacation, but, Where to this time?


Imagine, seeing your work translate into financial security and freedom!


Imagine, watching your sales ring in from your phone – while sitting on the beach and listening to the waves (or looking at the marvelous mountain vista, that’s nice too).


If you want all this and more, reserve your spot now at the Bizniversity® Sales Made Easy 2022 Conference!


SME2022 will break down the hacks and mindset behind the science of selling!

• Learn the swagger that makes your clients want to buy what you're selling

• Sell from the heart, not the wallet

• Redefine the meaning of F.E.A.R. and surpass your doubts 



Seven speakers, just for you, coming together at one event to help you generate leads, attract new clients and close more sales!


Evie Diaz • Tim David • Brynne Tillman • Donn King • Tasha Chen • Greg Williams • Joe Heaps


How to Boost your Online Sales Results Easily

How to Easily Attract Clients by Creating Emails That Sell

How Body Language Can Be a Determinant Factor to Attracting Sales

How to Effectively Book More Paid Speaking Engagements

How to Make Sales Easy by Selling in a Certain Way

• Totally Transform how and what you think about sales forever!

• Learn how to actually sell effortlessly and not sound salesy!

• Shift your perspective from a hard selling “vessel” to a solution provider.

• Easily Nurture relationships by understanding the psychology of making sales easy. 

The 2022 Virtual Bizniversity® Sales Made Easy Conference is an exclusive gathering of top industry experts focused on helping speakers, authors, coaches, and course creators sell more easily.


The intention of this conference is to create a breakthrough experience for attendees by teaching them that selling is easy when done in a "Certain Way"!


Attendees of this event will be inspired and empowered to serve and share (aka sell) their solutions with the world on the stage and online by using proven strategies, tactics, and tools.


We will gather together to Create Content, Connections, and Collaborate with each other. Together we will learn how to sell more by serving and sharing our solutions in the most attractive way to effortlessly convert our ideal clients.


If you are  . . . 

  • A speaker, author, coach, blogger, podcaster or YouTuber who wants to build a profitable business online.
  • An online business owner who created and designed a beautiful course but are not satisfied with the sales you have obtained.
  • A professional paid speaker who wants to sell your packages and get more paid speaking engagements.

Our Experts, Influencers, and Thought Leaders

Evie Diaz

Strategic Growth Speaker

Get to Know Evie

Tim David

Speaker, Author, and Magician

Get to Know Tim

Brynne Tillman

The LinkedIn Whisperer

Get to Know Brynne

Donn King 

The Confidence Cultivator

Get to Know Donn

Tasha Chen 

Speaker, Author, and Vision and Mind Master

Get to Know Tasha

Greg Williams,

The Master Negotiator

Get to Know Greg

Joe Heaps,

Chief Marketing Officer at eSpeakers

Get to Know Joe


 Pegine, Randy Gage, Lois Creamer, Chris Krimitsos, and more!





I'm Evie Diaz.

I am a Strategic Growth Speaker who loves helping Influencers, Thought Leaders, and Experts (speakers, authors, coaches, podcasters, bloggers, and YouTubers) to Effortlessly Attract Sales by Creating Email Content that Converts Clients.

I am the founder of Bizniversity® Strategic Growth Seminars– an innovative learning platform focused on teaching about the latest digital marketing automation strategies, tactics, and tools.

Because I am certified in Email Marketing and Neuro-linguistic programming, I teach you how to use both tools together to help you create content that helps you Get Found, Get Leads, and Get Results™.

"I've been in business 20+ years, and have heard many, many talk about email marketing strategies. I've learned more from Evie Diaz than anyone else. She offers clarity, templates, and real examples of exactly what to do. You can count on her. I do!"

Lois Creamer

"Evie surprised participants with her excellent, engaging way of connecting with the audience in the first five minutes. She was our opening speaker at the Power Women Worldwide Gathering. As the second day speaker during a two-day virtual conference, the challenge for any speaker is how well you will engage the audience, be unique and memorable while providing outstanding content. Evie did it all. She gave the participants tips and tools they can use immediately. She presented with a unique twist, no PowerPoint, instead she used fabulous creative props. People are raving about her presentation. She was wonderful. I highly recommend Evie for your conference. She was fun, engaging, smart, and gave incredible, usable tips to market your business. "

Pegine Echevarria


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:

General Admission


Access to Live Sessions where you will discover: 

How to Boost your Online Sales Results Easily

How to Easily Attract Clients by Creating Emails That Sell

How Body Language Can Be a Determinant Factor in Attracting Sales

How to Effectively Book More Paid Speaking Engagements

How to Make Sales Easy by Selling in a Certain Way

10% discount on all future Bizniversity® Seminars

Pre-Event Networking Events on Tuesday, October 4th, and October 11th at 4 p.m. 


  • Access to All Live Sessions (3 Days)
  • 10% discount on all future Bizniversity® Seminars
  • Pre-Event Networking Celebration
  • All Session Recordings
  • VIP Networking Experience on Day 2
  • Virtual SWAG BAG
  • Private Facebook Community 
  • First come, first serve Hot Seats, Sales Coaching, and Content Review 
  • One-on-One Sales Strategy Session


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