How to Easily Unleash Your Confidence and Overcome Self-Doubt.

confidence manifesting Dec 07, 2023

How to Navigate Challenges with the F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ Journal.

Do you ever feel like you're in a story that's part rollercoaster, part dance with self-doubt?

Well, you are in the right place because I believe you will relate to what you are about to read below. After all, it is a journey many of us groove through.

Picture this: You're on a dance floor, the dance floor of life, envisioning success, and financial freedom. The music is playing—dreams, goals, aspirations. But wait, there's an unexpected dance partner who joins in, it is self-doubt. It's the unexpected twist that can halt our momentum, dampening the energy of our manifestation journey.

When self-doubt takes the lead, it can sabotage the manifestation process. We may hesitate to take bold steps, fear failure, or doubt whether we truly deserve the success and financial freedom we're striving for. It becomes a limiting belief that dims the spotlight on our dreams, making it challenging to step into the full...

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S.O.A.R. to Success: Unleashing the Power of Sharing, Offering, Asking, and Receiving

journaling manifesting Oct 05, 2023

Because every day is a new beginning, every day affords us a new opportunity to begin anew. Today is the perfect moment for us to spread our wings and SOAR to new heights. 

Write in your journal now about what it means to soar, and how you can make it a reality on this day and throughout the year.

To me, soaring is about reaching for our dreams with unwavering determination and embracing the limitless potential within us. It's about reaching our goals in a way that aligns with our values and aspirations while leaving a positive impact on the world around us.

Now, let me introduce you to the acronym I created for the word "soar" - S.O.A.R. This acronym encapsulates four essential things that we must do to excel in our business - not just this month but in the months to come.

So, on this day, let’s promise to Share, Offer, Ask, and Receive.

Let's propel to new financial heights of entrepreneurial success.

S is for Share Your Value:

Sharing is at the heart of our...

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How Commitment Is A Key to Manifesting Your Wealthy Life.

Are You Willing to Commit to Your Rich Future Self?

Perhaps you have the desire to Manifest a Fabulously, Financially Free, and Fun Life. Yeah, you may be thinking - who doesn’t?


But . . .


Are you committed to manifesting your rich future self now?


Because whether you are relying on spiritual principles or science-backed psychology theories – one of the proven ways to become a powerful creator of your life is by being committed.


Ask yourself now,


“Am I really committed to manifesting my dream life now?”


(Listen to your first response, the one that quickly popped into your head to confirm if you believe you are committed!)


Commitment, my dear friend, is the driving force that ignites our focus, determination, and unwavering dedication to manifest.


Commitment is the key to success in any area of life, but it is particularly important when it comes to manifesting.


When you're committed to something,...

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