Why should you read A Strategic Growth Blog?

What is Strategy?
What is Strategic Growth?
Why should you read a business blog about Strategic Growth?
Because in my over 14 years of working with business owners, I have discovered that many, perhaps even most, do not start a business by writing a strategic plan.
Because most of us are so excited about getting started on our great “idea” for a new business we bypass writing a plan and jump blindly into our new business venture hoping and praying for the best.
I hope to be able to empower you with some tools to make growing your business easier by sharing all of mine and my client’s experiences.
Although I have been in business for over 14 years and I have started writing many blogs, I usually do not know what to write about but lately, the topic of strategy has really inspired my writing. I feel very strongly about allowing the flow of my 14 years of business marketing experience come through me on the pages of this website because it is making a difference in my clients’ companies as much as it to my own business. So, I hope you enjoy reading!

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