Money Doesn't Grow on Trees? Can Manifesting Be a Miracle?

When you hear the saying, "money doesn't grow on trees" does it conjure up images of scarcity, limitations, and maybe even a side of trying too hard to get it?

But what if I told you there's another perspective?

Now, before you roll your eyes, or begin to tune out, please continue until the end. Manifesting isn't some wishy-washy, unicorn-chasing fantasy. It's about aligning your energy – your vibration - with your intentions by taking inspired actions.

Think of it this way: You plant a seed, nurture it with care, and watch it blossom into a beautiful tree. Sure, it doesn't happen overnight, but with intention and effort, it becomes possible.

Can manifesting be a miracle? Not in the "poof, here's a million bucks" kind of way. I believe that manifesting happens when we experience the miracle of it. What?

Let me explain, I believe in how the book: “A Course In Miracles” defines a miracle. ACIM defines a miracle as a correction in our perception. It goes on to say that “a miracle is a gift of transformed perception from the Holy Spirit.” (ACIM Chapter 1 (pages3-6)
By setting intentions of what you want to manifest, you can create opportunities you never imagined. You might land a dream job, attract unexpected income, or simply feel more aligned with your financial flow. What that means is that although I cannot promise overnight riches or magic beans, I am here to shed light on the miracle of manifesting, and how it can transform your relationship with money from struggle to flow.

Think of it like this: your thoughts and beliefs are like magnets, attracting experiences and opportunities that align with your energy. How? For example, positive thinking can lead to increased perseverance, which can improve chances of success. Similarly, believing in your abilities can boost self-confidence, potentially influencing how you create opportunities.

Furthermore, if you're constantly worried about bills and feeling scarcity, you're sending out a "lack" vibration to the universe. But by shifting your mindset and intentionally cultivating abundance, you become a magnet for prosperity.

But can manifesting truly bring financial miracles? Absolutely!

Reframe the Scarcity Mindset by embracing my F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ Method.

Sure, the old adage says, "money doesn't grow on trees," but what if I told you there's a different kind of "growing" happening? One that taps into your inner power and aligns you with the abundance of the Universe. That's the appeal of F.A.B. MoneyScripting™, my simple 3-step method to manifest financial freedom and live like your Fabulous Financially Free Future Self.

Here is my simple 3 Steps F.A.B. (Feel, Act, and Be) MoneyScripting™ Method of Manifesting:

Step 1: Focus on the FEELING you want. Feel the Frequency of Abundance:

Every morning, start by setting an intention to FEEL good. Imagine yourself radiating health, happiness, joy, and ease. This isn't about ignoring life's challenges, but about choosing your response. When curveballs come your way, remember your intention. Choose to feel empowered, not defeated. By aligning your feelings with your desires, you tap into the abundant flow of the Universe.

Step 2: ACT or Take The Actions of Your Future Self:

Now, imagine your Fabulous Financially Free Future Self. This is the confident, empowered woman who lives her dreams. How does she ACT? Visualize her taking inspired steps towards her goals, networking with like-minded individuals, and exuding unwavering belief in her worth. Embody those actions in your daily life, even if it's just one small step each day. Remember, the Universe rewards inspired action, not just wishful thinking.

Step 3: Be the Radiant You:

As you FEEL good and ACT like your future self, you naturally BEcome more aligned with your desires. You'll start seeing opportunities you might have missed before, and synchronicities will guide you on your path. Trust the process, and remember, you are worthy of abundance.

F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ isn't a miracle cure,(or is it?). It can be a miracle if as A Course In Miracles says, we shift our perception. This method is another powerful tool in your toolbox to empower yourself and create a life of financial freedom. Ditch the limiting beliefs, embrace your FABulous self, and watch your Money Manifesting blossom into a reality that shines brighter than any tree!


  • Manifesting isn't an instant gratification scheme. It's a journey of transformation and alignment. Be patient with yourself and the Universe. Trust that things are unfolding perfectly, even when you can't see the bigger picture.
  • Expressing gratitude for what you already have set the stage for receiving even more. Start a gratitude journal, acknowledge the small blessings in your life, and watch how the Universe amplifies your positive energy.
  • Manifesting isn't just about sitting back and waiting for magic. It's about taking inspired action towards your goals. This could involve learning new skills, networking with like-minded individuals, or simply stepping outside your comfort zone. Remember, the Universe rewards action, not just intention.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with manifesting in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please consult with a qualified financial professional for personalized guidance.


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