How to Position Your Business in This Time Of Disruption

How to Position Your Business in This Time Of Disruption

The Business Resiliency Strategy that will Drive Results


Whether your business has been directly impacted by the Coronavirus because you were forced to close it, or because like me, someone in your family has fallen ill and died from it, we have all been impacted in some way by the current situation.

You may agree that life is always changing, and it seems that as business owners we always must deal with change.

If at any time in your life, you had an experience like I did when I suffered a horrible illness that put me in the hospital for 9 days and resulted in me having a total financial breakdown due to an unsurmountable amount of medical bills, you may feel as I do: If you and I survived those situations we can survive this situation too.

You will agree that to succeed in business, we must have resiliency. Becoming an entrepreneur is synonymous with flexibility and the ability to bounce back.

At times, being a small business owner requires the agility of a saber-tooth tiger, and at other times we must be the leaders of the jungle-like the lion or the elephant.

The truth is that business can sometimes feel like a jungle. Sometimes we play every single animal in the jungle, but we always know that we cannot put our guard down because if we do, we may become a prey and die.

That’s why being in business means that you possess the ability to survive. Now it does not matter if you were “prepared” for this virus because one thing is for sure, and that is that as business owners, we must always have contingency plans.

When I speak to business owners at conferences, Chambers of Commerce and Associations, I always tell my audiences that as business owners, we must have a short-term, long-term, and a contingency plan to move us through any possible situation.

Now whether it is the coronavirus or a virus in our computer, we should always have a backup plan.

Maybe as you read this, you are thinking that you did not have a backup plan!

Perhaps you are a new business owner, or perhaps you fell into this business because it was passed down to you from family. Perhaps you accidentally became an entrepreneur as a result of a lost job. Perhaps you never had the opportunity to create a “plan B” or an emergency plan before now.

If you are a brick and mortar business who has been in existence for 75 years, and you have never thought about how you would move your business online or never thought you had time to develop your online business, one thing is true: now you have the time, now you must pivot.

By creating a Business Resiliency Strategy, you will be able to position yourself in the marketplace now and for the future.

By attending this virtual seminar, you will be empowered with ideas to generate brand awareness, leads, and sales by learning to Attract, Capture, and Retain clients online. Now more than ever, you must leverage all the free and low-cost tools that are currently available to you today.

At the end of this Virtual Seminar, you will

  • Have A Simple 90 Day Strategy to help you Generate Brand Awareness
  • Learn How to Easily and Effectively Continue Generating Client Leads Online
  • Have Free and Low-Cost Tools to Be Able to Run Your Business Remotely

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