How to Attract 100 New Leads When You Suck at Marketing


If you suck at marketing the title of this blog may have caught your attention. (it may take you less than 5 minutes to read it!)

This is a quick blog summary of a 90-Minute LIVE Hands-on, intensive, virtual seminar, and tutorial that I do at

While it is simple for me to attract 100 new leads because I have over 15 years of experience, I know that you may be thinking that it may not be so “easy” for you. But do not worry because I am going to share very simple steps with you here and then I will invite you to check out all the ways that you can grow your business by attracting leads when you join our Virtual Seminar with a similar title. Yes, we do a hands-on, tutorial where I walk you step by step on how you can do the 5 steps, I share with you here in about 1 hour.

That is right, everything I am sharing with you below you can do in 1 hour with me!

The first step that professionals like me recommend when you want to generate leads is to have a Strategy. While in this short document I will not have the time to give you the entire strategy, I am going to share the gist of it with you. A big part of building your strategy will be creating a sales and marketing funnel as well as having a clear visual of the customer journey.

The second step you must take if you want to attract 100 new client leads is to create an “irresistible digital offer”. (During our live training, we share many different types of digital offers that you can easily make.)

The third step, after you have created an “irresistible digital offer”, is to create a Subject Line (for email marketing) or a Headline that captures people’s ATTENTION!

Yes, I believe that with my help, you can write irresistible Offers!


You can begin by simply copying mine!

Yes, I mean you can write a headline that is like mine. Not the same exact one, but one that relates to your business.

For example:

Let’s say you own a gym, or you are a personal trainer. Your headline would look something like this:

How to Lose 10 pounds When You Hate Exercising

Example #2: Let us pretend you are a photographer, then your headline may look like this:

How to Take Beautiful Photos When You Are Not A Photographer

Get it?

By now, you may be thinking that I told you the truth because this is simpler than you thought.

The fourth step is for you to put a form on your site and on social media. (By the way, feel free to reach out to me because I can help you to easily create a pop-up form on Constant Contact.)

You can have a pop-up or an inline form like the ones I have on the Bizniversity® website. When you visit our Home Page you will see we have both. Usually, people ask for just the Name and Email to make it easy for visitors to sign up. I like to ask for the cell phone number too because I like to call people from time to time to find out how they like my material and see how I can further help them! However, note that the more information that you ask from people, the less they will want to sign up for your giveaway. What that means is that you may want to just ask for name and email.

Finally, for step number 5 for this short summary, you must use email marketing automation to deliver your digital offer. (We work with many email marketing software companies, but our favorite is Constant Contact. If you want to try it and get our discount, feel free to reach out to me.)

Want to see how you can do this in about 55 minutes?

Join our (DWY) Done with You Virtual Tutorial, and we will walk through the steps with you, and by the end, you create something you can use immediately.


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