For the First-Time Hindsight is 2020

What does that mean?

What does that mean to your business today?

Why should you care?

I mean why should you care because after all, 2020 is gone.
The year 2020 may be gone, but perhaps not completely forgotten.

Yes, it is true that for the first time we can say, “hindsight is 2020”.
What does that phrase mean?

When I Googled it, this is what I found:

“This expression means: It's easier to analyze and evaluate situations when we're looking back on them in the past, than when we're in the present moment. The word hindsight refers to looking back or reflecting on things in the past, and 20/20 refers to perfect vision.”

From a business perspective, what does that mean to you today as we enter the first week of work in 2021?

I want us to focus on the word “hindsight” as reflecting on things in the past.

Perhaps as we look back to 2020, we may say that everything we should have known became obvious.
What does that mean to you?

As I reflect on...

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