For the First-Time Hindsight is 2020

What does that mean?

What does that mean to your business today?

Why should you care?

I mean why should you care because after all, 2020 is gone.
The year 2020 may be gone, but perhaps not completely forgotten.

Yes, it is true that for the first time we can say, “hindsight is 2020”.
What does that phrase mean?

When I Googled it, this is what I found:

“This expression means: It's easier to analyze and evaluate situations when we're looking back on them in the past, than when we're in the present moment. The word hindsight refers to looking back or reflecting on things in the past, and 20/20 refers to perfect vision.”

From a business perspective, what does that mean to you today as we enter the first week of work in 2021?

I want us to focus on the word “hindsight” as reflecting on things in the past.

Perhaps as we look back to 2020, we may say that everything we should have known became obvious.
What does that mean to you?

As I reflect on my business, here are some of the OBVIOUS things I was reminded about last year.

I must have a Plan A, B and C – just in case something that I never planned occurs.
Part of that Plan must include a plan on how to attract money to me even if I cannot be there live and in person. Part of that plan must also include generating passive income. One of the things that are more obvious than ever is the importance of having many streams of income. What that means is that if we rely on just a job or just one way of making money, we may not survive. The idea that I cannot survive by simply trading “dollars for hours” has been magnified by the fact that a pandemic can totally knock anyone off their feet.

If I rely on making money by just charging an hourly rate for my time and if I must be present and available, God forbid I end up sick – my mortgage may not be paid, and my business may go to hell.

I apologize if this seems dreadfully and painfully dramatic, but I saw this happening in 2020.

Therefore, as I reflect on what I saw and heard with my human senses in 2020, I know for a fact that I must have multiple streams of income and I must have several strategies to thrive and survive.

What about you? In your 2021 business plan, did you include multiple streams of income?

If you are wondering what are multiple streams of income, that is a term that means different ways of generating income.

Some samples of how you can generate income are:

  1. Selling information products, courses, and solutions online (like Amazon, Udemy, LinkedIn learning, Bizniversity®).
  2. Selling a membership to your products, services, courses (like Costco, Massage Envy, Netflix, Bizniversity®).
  3. Rental income from properties you own.
  4. Affiliate marketing – you can promote other people’s products and services or you can have your own affiliate program like I do at!
  5. Invest in real estate and flip properties.
  6. Peer-to-peer lending - leverage your earnings by lending money.
  7. Dividend stocks. ...

There are many other ways that you can generate either passive income or multiple streams of income, if you want you can google the terms and see many more examples.

One thing you will agree with me on and that is that the internet is powerful.
Many if not most people are online today.

As we reflect on 2020 and what we can do to better prepare for unseen business circumstances there are some questions we must ask ourselves.

  1. How am I leveraging the internet to Attract, Capture, and Retain Clients Online?
  2. How am I differentiating myself from the “competition”?
  3. How am I memorable online?
  4. Who am I attracting to my business? Who do I want to attract?
  5. How am I building for the short term and the long-term survival of my business and my family?
  6. What can I begin doing today to develop a strong Plan A, B, and C?
  7. What should I do today because after all, today is the best day to plan for tomorrow – tomorrow may be too late!!

My suggestions:

  • Have a Written Strategic Growth Plan. Your plan should be specific by detailing your marketing budget for ads or organic content. You should have both a short-term and a long-term plan (Plan A and B). Maybe plan A has to do with what you are currently selling like – retail products, hard-cover books, your time. Plan B may have you focused on your different revenue streams like automatically selling your courses, books, classes, webinars, and memberships.
  • By now, you should decide how you will invest in your business this year.
    Will you spend your time learning how to use Ads to Attract, Capture, and Retain Clients or will you focus your time and money on sharing content experiences?

My plan for 2021 is to share more content experiences.

What do I mean when I say, “Content Experiences”?

“Content Experiences” are the personal stories and perspectives that help readers relate to us when we share our authentic self, they are those pieces of content that become memorable with videos and come alive with irresistibly awesome images that people feel compelled to share. They are the experiences that move prospective leads through the buyer’s journey and magically convert them into clients.

By the way, please feel free to find out more about how you can convert more clients organically by joining us in one of our Content Marketing Workshops today!

Remember as you project and plan your profits for 2021 by reviewing and analyzing what you learned about business in 2020, take time to create a Plan B and C.
By the way, content experiences can also be created by offering awesome virtual events like Webinars, Zoom Meetings, and Virtual Summits. I know that those types of events are a vital part of my 2021 Plan, and I look forward to sharing them with you!


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