Tasha Chen


Speaker, Author, and Vision and Mind Master

About Tim David


Tim David is the author of Magic Words – The Science and Secrets Behind Seven Words that Motivate, Engage, and Influence. and FLIP – The Four Levels of Influencing People. An ex-professional magician, he now teaches leaders and sales professionals the magic of words at work and in life.

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Tasha Chen

Vision and Mind Mastery


Tasha is well known for her success with business entrepreneurs. Her easy and relaxed approach to getting things done along with her intuitive downloads and energy has produced off the charts results for her clients. Get to know Tasha and her proven laws of doing business.

She is a coach, speaker, and thought leader who can keep you aligned and focused on your goals while giving you the attraction principles and leadership strategies to shift your life and business from overwhelm to overjoyed while creating over $47.5 Million Dollars and counting for her clients over the last 8 years.