Shut Up the Monkey Mind by Taming your Inner Critic

Have you ever sat down to write your goals and intentions, only to be barraged by a discord of negativity inside your head?

“Who are you kidding?” “Why do you bother writing your intentions for money when you write the same thing over and over and have not manifested anywhere near what you intended?”

That, my dear friend, is what some of us call the Monkey Mind in action. Yes, that sneaky inner critic who throws banana peels of doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs right under your manifesting mojo.

But fear not! We're not letting some mischievous monkey dictate our destiny. Today, we're learning how to tame that beast and turn our journals into launchpads for financial freedom with the F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ Method. And guess what? Science backs me up!

Step 1: Observe the Monkey

Grab your journal, and let's listen to the ruckus.

What's the Monkey Mind babbling about?

Is it whispering, "You'll never make it, you're not good enough"?

Maybe it's screaming "...

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