Shut Up the Monkey Mind by Taming your Inner Critic

Have you ever sat down to write your goals and intentions, only to be barraged by a discord of negativity inside your head?

“Who are you kidding?” “Why do you bother writing your intentions for money when you write the same thing over and over and have not manifested anywhere near what you intended?”

That, my dear friend, is what some of us call the Monkey Mind in action. Yes, that sneaky inner critic who throws banana peels of doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs right under your manifesting mojo.

But fear not! We're not letting some mischievous monkey dictate our destiny. Today, we're learning how to tame that beast and turn our journals into launchpads for financial freedom with the F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ Method. And guess what? Science backs me up!

Step 1: Observe the Monkey

Grab your journal, and let's listen to the ruckus.

What's the Monkey Mind babbling about?

Is it whispering, "You'll never make it, you're not good enough"?

Maybe it's screaming "Money is out of reach, just give up on your dreams." Whatever it's saying, we're not judging, we're just observing. Write it all down, every nasty remark, every doubt-filled attack.

Step 2: Feel the Fear (and then let it go!)

Now, let's get real about how that Monkey Mind makes us feel.

  • Is it shrinking your spirit like a deflated balloon?
  • Does it make your heart pound like a drum solo?

Acknowledge those feelings, and write them down, but don't let them become your reality. Remember, those are just the Monkey's lies, not your truth.

Step 3: Aligned and Inspired Actions Speak Louder than any Monkey Chatter

Time to silence the Monkey with the roar of your Fabulous Financially Free Future Self (4FS). Imagine your future self, basking in the sunshine of financial independence, living her dreams with a smile as bright as a thousand diamonds.

Now, ask yourself,

  • What would my 4FS do in this situation?
  • What inspired action would she take to shut down the Monkey's negativity?

Maybe she will begin to write powerful affirmations:

“Every day in every way, I am better and better.”

"I am a money magnet, attracting money my way.”

“Money is coming to me!”

Perhaps she will channel her inner power and do a “Wonder Woman” power pose to remind herself of her inner strength.

Whatever you feel like she would do, do it now, do it then, and every time that the monkey starts shouting in your head. Write it down because you want to remind yourself to change your state when that monkey comes around. These are the types of actions that will propel you towards your 4FS.

Step 4: Be your Financially Free Fabulous Future Self Today!

Finally, let's embody our FFFFS. This isn't just about imagining; or “pretending,” it's about behaving as if you are already that financially free woman. You begin to walk with the confidence of a CEO, speak with the power of a queen, and radiate the joy of a woman who knows her worth. When you believe, you Behave, and you Become your FFFFS, you're sending a powerful message to the universe – and that annoying Monkey Mind – that you are ready to receive your abundance.

The Science of the F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ Method:

Remember, the F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ Method harnesses the power of a “certain” way of journaling. This way of journaling is a tool that has been scientifically proven to combat negativity. Studies have revealed that journaling in a “certain” way, especially by hand, activates the brain. Journaling in this “certain” way helps control your mood – providing an opportunity for positive self-talk. (Please feel free to check out my F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ programs because I teach a “certain way” of journaling that helps you silence the monkey mind.) This will deepen your understanding of how to silence the monkey mind, listen, and accept your 4FS more.)

Reframing the Monkey's Lies:

Finally, let's talk about reframing. Although I am not a mental health professional, I am a Licensed Certified NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) expert, who practices the reframing technique. Mental health professionals call this technique cognitive reframing. According to Wikipedia, cognitive reframing is a psychological technique that consists of identifying and then changing the way situations, experiences, events, ideas, and emotions are viewed. In NLP, we change the way a person perceives the meaning of a situation, experience, event, idea, and emotions by putting it into a different context.

Ever heard the phrase "You can't change the wind, but you can adjust your sails"? That's exactly what we do with negative thoughts by using reframing. Instead of letting them control us, we turn them into fuel in our journey.

Below I have a few examples that may help you understand the basic and foundational way that reframing works. (Once you join one of our F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ programs you will be able to practice this technique.)

The Negative Monkey May Shout "I'll never make enough money to be truly happy."


Reframe: "My happiness comes from within. Financial security strengthens my ability to support myself and pursue my passions."


The Negative Monkey May Shout: "Money is always tight, I'll never break free."


Reframe: "With my talent and the F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ Method, I am attracting abundance and creating a financially secure future."


The Negative Monkey May Shout: "I'm not good enough at managing money."


Reframe: "I am constantly learning and growing my financial knowledge. I am investing in myself and my financial future.


Ready to Silence the Monkey and Manifest Your Dreams?

Check out the F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ Method because I believe that this is your key to unlocking the money and the financial freedom you want and deserve. It's a powerful combination of self-awareness and inspired action.

You may agree that, sometimes, silencing the Monkey Mind on your own may feel like wrestling a greased pig in a mud puddle.

If you are tired of the monkey chatter, you are invited to check out my F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ Method. You can experience the benefits of one of my programs by registering and attending one of our upcoming programs like the Money Manifesting Challenge.

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Imagine this:

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Remember, one of the most powerful things that may be standing between you and your money may be a noisy Monkey Mind. But with the F.A.B. MoneyScripting™ Method and the incredible support of the Money Manifesting Challenge, you'll silence that chatter and manifest your dreams into reality.

What are you waiting for?

Let's go rewrite your money story together!


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