How can we use the Science of Getting Rich to Attract Clients?


There was a book written in 1910 that is still around today, and it is being read by thousands upon thousands of people.

The book that I am referencing today is entitled The Science of Getting Rich. This book was written by Wallace D. Wattles.

The question that is on my mind today is: 

Is it possible for you and me to use the Science of Getting Rich to attract clients and manifest the business and the life of our dreams?

If you are part of my online community, you saw that last week I authored an email about being inspired to do something that I called an "experiment". I felt inspired to do this because I have been asking GUS (my new name for God/Universe/Source - choose the one you want to use!):

What is mine to do? What is next?

I was inspired to begin this “experiment” a week ago on Monday, June 6th, 2022. I shared that I have decided to STOP looking for clients, STOP working hard and STOP wondering where my next client will come from. 

I invite you to join me in a NEW way of attracting clients. By the end of this blog, I will share a link that you can use if you feel inspired to talk about this “experiment” with me. Right now, I am still open and receptive to attracting my ideal “experiment partners” - or are we - "scientists"? LOL.

I really want to meet one-on-one with you to see and feel whether or not you are the right partner to go on this experiment journey with me. If you are even a little bit curious about this experiment, you will have an opportunity to book some time on my calendar at the end of this blog.

Because I am allowing myself to dive deeper into The Science of Getting Rich, I asked myself these two questions:

  1. How can we use the Science of Getting Rich to Attract Clients?
  2. What does the Science of Getting Rich mean by "Acting a Certain Way"? 

I will begin with the second question first and then I will dive into my number one question. 

I Googled the question: 

What does the Science of Getting Rich mean by acting a certain way? 

The first answer that showed up is the statement below:

“Knowing that you are creating your own experience with your thoughts and the actions that grow out of those thoughts.”

How can understanding this concept empower us to Attract Clients?

“Knowing that you are creating your own experience with your thoughts and the actions that grow out of those thoughts.”

It is interesting to me that I now realized that this explanation uses the word “experience.” Initially, when this idea came into my mind as a divine inspiration, I wanted to call it an experience. Now I am thinking that I may use the terms experience, experiment, and journey interchangeably.

I think that initially when I thought about this, I felt it was an experience.  I used the word “experience” when I felt the inspiration to put this out into the Universe because I was inspired and, in the flow, therefore the term that came to my mind was an experience. I love the term experience - it makes me feel like I am more in the flow - I am allowing!

Now because I had some time to “think about it” and I entered my strategic, analytical mind, I have then decided to use the word experiment. Additionally, since the book is the “Science” - this can be a science experiment. 

Now let me just tell you that you are welcome to use whichever term works or makes you feel better. I will use these terms interchangeably depending on how this content flows to me or through me. I think when I thought about the word experiment, I was more in my mind, and I was more in my doubting mind. I was thinking that I wanted to see if this is true, therefore, I did this almost to prove this to myself. 

By the way, I am being truthful with you because I realized that in a process such as this when we want to believe something, sometimes the belief may not be there. Furthermore, by being truthful, honest, and authentic with you, I hope you will feel that it is ok if you feel the same way.

Let's go back to this discussion now by acknowledging that we are creating our own experiences with our thoughts and the actions that grow out of those thoughts.

If you have never read this book, please feel free to read it because the original text is now in the public domain. This book is currently still available for sale as well. I have read this book several times throughout my life. In fact, this is the only book that I have ever downloaded as an app to my phone. I started reading this book again more intently a little bit over two years ago with one of my mentors, and recently I have been diving deep into the study of it with one of the coaches that I recently hired to help me understand these concepts. because I want to manifest and attract the wealth and lifestyle of my dreams.

Since my own husband has a difficult time believing these types of “spiritual and metaphysical” concepts, I did a little research on what some actual scientists might be saying about this. I found an article published by Stanford that says, “Our minds actually change reality”. This was a quote by Alia Crum, an assistant professor of psychology and director of the Stanford Mind and Body Lab. Furthermore, I found that five Nobel Prize winners attest to the connection between mind and matter, which further advances the view that the universe is a projection of our mind and consciousness.

Now that we understand that we create our own experiences with our thoughts and the actions that grow out of those thoughts, I want to ask you to write this down in your journal. If you have been following me for some time, you may have seen my email and blog article on the topic of journaling. You might have read that I started journaling when I was just turning 13 years old. (If you have not read the blog article on journaling please click here to go back and read that blog.)

I believe that repeating this sentence and producing your own thoughts and meaning about it will help you to answer the first question that I asked myself this morning: How can we use the science of getting rich to attract clients?

By going back to the explanation of what the book means by “acting a certain way” we can become more aware that we are creating our own experiences with our thoughts. Being aware of this is enormously powerful to me - especially as a person who is analytical. If you are reading this, and if you are part of my online community perhaps you may even believe in the Law of Attraction which states that like attracts like, therefore, you may also be a “thinker” like me!

Understanding that we are creating our own experiences with our thoughts should help us monitor our thoughts. Do you agree?

It should also make you think and be more aware of what you are thinking about when it comes to attracting your ideal clients.

Ask yourself, “What am I thinking about when I think about my business? What are the dominant thoughts in my mind every time I think about attracting my ideal lifestyle? What are my thoughts when it comes to working on and in my business each and every day?”

By the way, this is where journaling becomes crucial. This is why I want to reference the aforementioned blog. Hopefully, it will inspire you to begin journaling. Truthfully, I had such a terrible “writer's block” about this realization that I literally could not write with a pen because my writing hand was in pain. I visited an orthopedic doctor to get it examined. (Yes, I am a powerful manifestor for both good and bad things. Sorry to say that we are always creating our own reality - both good and bad.)

When this happened, my mentor suggested that I should speak to text using Google - text to speech. In fact, that is exactly what I'm doing right now. This article that you are reading was done using this method, I had to use speech-to-text on Google Docs, but not because I had hand pain this time - I wanted to be able to allow my mind to speak aloud to get all of this down as I felt it.

Are you now beginning to understand that we are creating our own experience with the thoughts and actions that grow out of those thoughts?

We can journal any questions that come to our minds to see how our past thoughts have created our present experiences.

When we have a journal, we have evidence of our thoughts. If we go back to our journal, we can see that we are thinking limited and negative thoughts that have created the life and business that we may be experiencing. 

Now if we are not satisfied with the results that we have obtained in our business we know why.

I want to encourage you, perhaps even inspire you, to move forward. Understanding that we are in a good place right now. We are in a good place right now because we are realizing that we can resolve the problem of not attracting our ideal clients and our best life because of the thoughts we think.

I hope, like me, you are becoming extremely excited and very filled with hope and energy because the future will be brighter and brighter now that we are aware.

Now we can proceed powerfully into this experiment together. We are going to be attracting our perfect and ideal clients. You may agree that this is all extremely exciting. Isn't it?

I am getting excited because I have seen the proof from many people, I know who have read and put into practice the principles of this book: "The Science of Getting Rich". I have been reading this book and I will continue reading this book until it is engraved in my mind, my heart, my thoughts, and my actions in such a powerful way that I manifest and attract the business and the lifestyle of my dreams.

If that is your hope then I want to invite you to book some time in my calendar ( because we can come together to create the business, we want by attracting our ideal clients easily with ease.

The universe has spoken and I hope you are listening and taking inspired action today, as it is suggested we do in The Science of Getting Rich Chapter 11 because I believe that YES, it is possible for you and me to use the Science of Getting Rich to attract clients and manifest the business of our dreams.


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