Journaling: One of the Paths to Prosperity and Automatic Client Attraction

Journaling: One of the Paths to Prosperity and Automatic Client Attraction

What if I told you that you can Attract the High-Paying clients you want simply by journaling?

Would you begin writing? Do you believe that it can happen?

Journaling can help you get really clear on who you want to work with. It can also help you uncover what stops you from attracting your ideal clients. It can be an enormously powerful and insightful tool that expedites your client attraction.

In my last email, I shared with you that I had invested in working with several seven-figure coaches, trainers, and entrepreneurs that I admire.

I decided to invest my time and money with these people because my intention is to be a seven-figure entrepreneur. How about you? Have you thought about being financially free?

When I was young, I thought about being wealthy.

I have not become financially free and wealthy to the degree that I want to yet because I have had several negative experiences in my life that derailed me from achieving that goal.

But because I am always working on myself, and my business I decided that now is the time to aspire to BE that type of business owner. What kind of entrepreneur am I talking about? The Wealthy, Healthy, Happy, and Free type of business owner who works easily and relaxed.

One of the habits that I have established in my life over the past few months is journaling every day.

Not just any kind of journaling, but a type of journaling where we write down what we want to manifest. I actually found an article in Psychology Today about writing desires in a “Manifestation Journal.”

I have learned that one of the secrets to attracting ideal clients and becoming a seven-figure entrepreneur, is journaling.

In fact, the picture that I am sharing with you here is of the very first journal that I started writing when I was just turning thirteen.

I think when I first started journaling I did it because I really did not have a lot of friends and it was kind of therapeutic as I was growing up.

Many seven-figure entrepreneurs that I have worked with have shared that journaling has been one of their “secrets” to success.

One of the most powerful ways that many extremely successful entrepreneurs use to manifest and attract the lifestyle of their dreams is by writing it in their journal.

You may agree that it is an interesting concept that we get to write and create the life we want.

I tell you that even though I have been journaling for over 30 years, this way of journaling is new to me.

What about you?

Have you heard about this way of journaling?

Have you journaled this way?

Do you have a journaling routine?

Does writing help you create the life that you want?

Today I have a more consistent morning journaling routine.

This week, since I announced that I am launching a new client attraction experiment, I decided to write in my journal twice during the day. In the morning to set my intention and in the evening right before I go to sleep to reflect upon the day's achievements.

This is an immensely powerful experience.

I am sharing this article with you because I hope to inspire you to begin journaling.

Furthermore, I would love it if you could join me in using journaling as a tool to Attract Clients during my New Client Attraction Experiment that begins in July.

You will not have to do it alone because I will be your accountability partner! 👍😉

If this experiment idea intrigues you, please feel free to book some time with me to discuss how you can Attract Money and Clients Easily and Automatically by doing just a few things every day – like journaling.

Please feel free to book some time with me to discuss this Client Attraction Experiment by simply clicking on the link below.

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