How Are Your New Year's Resolutions and Goals Doing After One Month?

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2023

Do you love yourself enough to keep your commitments to yourself?

Did you already forget all about your intentions, resolutions, and goals for this New Year?

According to Forbes, “80% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by February”.

Are you, like most people, or are you different? What makes you different? Have you gone back to your old habits and routines already? 

Assuming that you are happy and satisfied being where you are today, one of the world’s leading executive coaches, Marshall Goldsmith, says that “what got you here won't get you there.” Where is there? There is, wherever you wish to be, to feel like you are truly living and enjoying the life of your dreams.

What psychologist Benjamin Hardy calls your future self. To my understanding, your future self is who you hope, wish, pray for, and intend to become in 10 years or when you reach a milestone age, like 40, 50, or 60.

For me, I believe my future self is who I want to be in a year, six months, and even tomorrow. (I will talk more about this in future articles.)

Now, continuing with our previous discussion of your intention for this New Year, 2023, where are you? Have you begun to enjoy living the life of your dreams? Simply put, are you fully enjoying your life today? Because after all, what does living the life of your dreams look like? Is it living a healthy life where you value your health because you have realized that health is your greatest wealth? Is it about you looking younger and better or about you living longer and feeling better? Is physical fitness a key component of your desire for health? Perhaps you want to look good because this year your intention is to fall in love and meet your life partner.

Did you begin this year saying that this was going to be your most profitable year but you have not made time to figure out how exactly to do that, so you are back to the work habits you know? After 30 days, are you closer to massively transforming your life the way you have always wanted to? Yes? No? Why not?

Is there a saboteur living inside of you? Have you sadly discovered, that you are, as Zig Ziglar puts it, a “wandering generality”? He stated a “meaningful specific” was someone who knew what their specific purpose or meaning in life was and they had the passion and power to live their best life.

To me, a “wandering generality” refers to anyone who wonders about life without creating a conscious journey toward a specific destination. Is it just "easier" for you to not take time to analyze your habits, thoughts, and behaviors and just revert back to your comfort zone?

Are all these questions getting you a bit upset? Are you feeling like you do not want to keep reading anymore because your monkey mind is saying, "I heard this before!" or is it because the truth is so painful that you rather not deal with it and pretend like this year will be different - just because!?

I am not going to make you feel guilty or worried because the only people who are being hurt by not living their truth, are us! I know this because I have been there over 18 times in 18 years!!! There - I confess. Maybe my confession will help you become honest with yourself. Listen, my friend, I am mostly writing about this to help myself. I am putting myself out there so that you can hold me accountable. I give you permission to hold me accountable for not allowing another year to pass me by. Do not allow me to live as my old self, rather encourage me and I will encourage you, to live our best lives, in every sense of the word. I want to live my best healthy, spiritual, mental, family, and professional life. Although you may not know it, I am over 50. If I am healthy, I will live about 30 more years. If I am not healthy, I may get lucky to live a little over 15 more years and die at 69 like my mom.

But having just celebrated 18 years since I moved to Miami, Florida from Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, I feel that time is passing by me fast. As I reviewed my life, I thought I would be looking, feeling, and being better than I am today. I thought that by now, I would be enjoying my best life. Please understand, I love my life and I am grateful for my health, my spouse, my family, and the freedoms I enjoy because I choose to be self-employed. That's me being honest with myself and you.

Have you felt like me? If you feel like I do now, then this is our wake-up call. What are we doing differently today to forever change the trajectory of our lives?

Thankfully, our autobiography has not been sent to the publisher. The good news is that we are the editors of our lives, and we can write about what we want to create for our tomorrow’s - today. We can still make edits to this story. We can write a successful conclusion. We can change the cast of characters. Yes, it is not too late. We are still alive. Although this is not our final hour, this is the hour to write our last chapter. How do we want this chapter, this year to read? Do we want to go through life as Zombies or do we want to live our lives with and on purpose? My friend, I have great news, you and I get to decide. It's up to me! It's up to you! Today - now. We have an opportunity to create a dream life! How can you make today your best day ever?

How do you want to live today as your future self? What do you want to experience? How do you want to enjoy your life? How will you make today the best chapter of this book? How will you make this story into a best-selling book? Today is our opportunity to make our future selves better. Today, we can plan and intend to live as the best version of ourselves. Let's connect with and commit to our future selves. Let's pledge to not continue living unconsciously. Let’s promise ourselves that we will feel, act and be our most amazing and fabulous future selves. Today, we will think, act and do better things because we want different and better results. We want to enjoy healthy foods, easy movements from our bodies, lavish vacation getaways, relationships that work, and encounters that are meaningful and joyful.

Yes, today is a new day, we can live into our new lives by being hyper-aware of who and how we want to show up. We can massively impact our success in every area of our lives. By making a conscious commitment to take charge of our future and by living as our best future self now, we change the way we are being and who we are being changes.

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