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Bizniversity® Strategic Goal Setting


Bizniversity® Strategic Goal Setting

Now that the holidays are officially over, you may be wondering, how will you grow your business this year?

How can this year be not just different but better than last year?

Well there is one proven way I know to make this year's business wishes become realistic goals that you can commit to.

By now, you may have heard many of the most successful business leaders of our time saying that to really succeed you must write S.M.A.R.T goals.


It is true that writing SMART goals down on a piece of paper is important, but if you write your goals without a specific plan to achieve them, you are no closer to achieving those goals than if you never wrote them.

If you are serious about obtaining big business goals this year, then you must have a plan, that's why you want to attend our Bizniversity® Introduction to Strategic Goal Setting Webinar.

You have probably heard the famous saying by Benjamin Franklin:

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!"

By attending our one-hour Introduction to Strategic Goal Setting session, you will be inspired to accelerate your 2020 Vision by leveraging the Bizniversity® Strategic Growth System.

At Bizniversity® we like to encourage our business clients to begin the New Year by fully engaging in a process we call Strategic Goal Setting.

You may be wondering: What do I mean by Strategic Goal Setting?

You may be asking yourself is this what I see people doing in those full day workshops where people are guided to write all their yearly goals on sticky notes and posters for every area of their lives: business, personal, spiritual, relationships and so forth?

No. It is not that.

At Bizniversity®, Strategic Goal Setting is more than that!

Maybe you think that Strategic Goal Setting is creating a vision board where you cut out and paste pictures of everything you want.

It is not.

Many people who write goals and create vision boards fail at obtaining their desired results because they fail to write down a strategic plan to achieve them.

This Introductory Webinar will give you an overview our full day intensive full day webinar.

During the Full Day Bizniversity® Strategic Goal Setting Seminar, we guide you through an intensive process of clearly writing your 90 Day goals along with the action steps necessary to Accelerate your achievement of Your Goals.

By setting strategic goals that are laser focused on obtaining results in 90 Days, you will eliminate wasting time on projects, people or places that do not lead you to success

The Bizniversity® Strategic Goal Setting Seminar is a full day process that requires you have a highly targeted concentrated effort and focused vision, so that the steps you take get you to your desire destination. You will be able to get started on this process right after you attend our 1 hour introductory session because I will give you the first steps to get started.

If you want to know how you can accelerate your 2020 goals, I invite you to attend our Introduction to Strategic Goal Setting session.

By participating in our initial Introductory webinar, you will

1.) Be inspired to commit to reaching Big Goals in 90 days with confidence because you will be empowered by a plan of action.

2.) Learn how to Become more laser-focused on the results. 

3.) Understand how our simple goal setting formula will enable you to achieve your goals in less time.

 by adopting our simple goal setting process will help you achieve more in less time.


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