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I want to learn simple graphic design!

Simple Graphic Design Magic to Help Your First Impression









This is an Interactive and Intensive Hands-On Virtual Tutorial

This is NOT just a PowerPoint Presentation

Come Ready To Learn and Participate because your investment will pay off when you do!

A virtual hands-on tutorial guiding you through the many FREE and Low-Cost Tools available to NON-Graphic Designers.


You may agree that you can no longer look past the value of visual content in your marketing. First impressions can be memorable and lasting when it comes to attracting your prospects.


If your graphics do not immediately convey your message or your brand, you can lose their attention and they move on to your competition.


Not convinced? Read on:


It takes about 8 seconds for the average person to become distracted, though that number can be as low as 2.8 seconds for some people.


50 milliseconds may be all it takes for the typical consumer to form a first impression.


Did you know that social media posts that include images have 650% more engagement than text-only posts?


You will then agree that graphics have become an essential tool - and this virtual will get you started on how to make the most of visual content.

Learn FREE tools

Find out about online tools you can use right now to create eye-catching graphics

Go further with low-cost apps

You will learn about inexpensive, easy-to-use apps that will transform your designs

Graphic design basics

Learn simple design principles that will give your graphics that polished edge

This seminar has been known to sell out!


Think about it: What's more important than your brand's first impression on a prospective customer?

I want to learn simple graphic design!