Check Out Strategic Growth Seminars
Check Out Strategic Growth Seminars
Increase my results with videos!

Strategic Growth Secrets to Powerful Video Marketing Results










Are you doing videos but not generating any leads or sales?

Imagine, you finally learning how to position yourself professionally by using videos more effectively?

How are you leveraging  Videos On Your Website, Social Media Pages and Email Marketing Campaigns?

Are You Now Ready To Increase Your Brand Awareness and Lead Generation By Leveraging the Power of Video Marketing?


Click now to reserve your spot at this virtual seminar because attending this marketing workshop will empower you to:

1. ATTRACT ideal clients by creating powerful videos for your email marketing campaigns, website and social media.

2.CAPTURE viewers emails by offering compelling value in your videos and emails that hooks your social media and website viewers.

3. RETAIN visitor's attention and drive engagement by being memorable.

This is an interactive Webinar you will be asked to participate fully by speaking and sharing with other attendees.

This Bizniversity™ Video Marketing class is a hands-on, workshop that shows you how to easily create videos from your smart device or laptop.

In this workshop you will create a Strategic Video Marketing Strategy to integrate video with all your marketing channels. We will teach you to create photo motion and video clip videos that Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent Loyal Clients by marketing with videos.

This Hands-On Video Marketing class is about 1-3 hours depending on how many register.

This class is followed by a 21-Day Video Marketing Challenge that has you creating one video a day for 21 days with the help of your trainer and group  (up to 11 other business owners) who you interact with on a Private Facebook Group.

You don't need a YouTube page because we can help you set it up. 

You will need to have a Constant Contact Account.

Don't have it?

Don't Worry!!

If you do not have a YouTube Page or a Constant Contact Account, send us an email because we can help you create one prior to this Webinar.


Videos in email affect your marketing results!

55% increase in click-through rates.
44% more time spent reading emails.
41% more email sharing and forwarding.
24% increase in conversion rates.
Videos in emails have a return of 280% higher than traditional email.

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