The Power of the Inbox

How a $20 Dollar, Twenty, Money, Andrew, Jackson, Andrew Jackson

A Month Investment Can Make You over $10,000 A Year

Presented by Evie Hernandez

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The Power of the Inbox

How a $20 A Month Investment Can Make You over $10,000 A Year









Did you know that for every $1 you invest in email marketing you should expect to make about $44?

That’s about a 31% Profit Margin

In 2019, global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users (Statista, 2020). This figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users in 2023 (Statista, 2020). That’s half of the world’s population. This statistic clearly shows that email marketing is an opportunity that you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Are you using Email Marketing?

Are you obtaining results?

• Getting Appointments

• Getting Website Traffic

• Getting Sales


learn some tips for Successful Email Marketing from an expert email marketer with over 12 years of experience

learn why regular email doesn't work

learn the keys to the most effective email copy you can do

This powerful virtual Bizniversity® Strategic Seminar takes you step-by-step through the keys to effective email marketing.

By attending this Virtual Seminar, you will learn to:

ATTRACT New Business from Facebook and LinkedIn

CAPTURE More Email Leads

RETAIN More Existing Clients

GROW Your List of Prospects and Clients

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