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3-Day Quick and Easy Grow Your List Challenge

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A 3-Day Challenge to Empower You to:

Attract Quality and Qualified Clients

Capture Email Leads Easily

Generate ongoing revenue automatically


Want to Generate More Online Sales Without Wasting Time & Money?

Wish you could put your lead generation on automatic to continuously be growing your pipeline?

Now You Can!

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People say, "the money is in the list."
How do you grow your list consistently with prospective buyers and not just lookers and takers?
By now you may be asking yourself, what is this 3-Day Quick and Easy Grow Your List Challenge all about?

Did you ever hear about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Social media?

Did you know that the Ice Bucket Challenge dramatically accelerated the fight against ALS?

Social media, especially Facebook challenges, have been around for a while.

Many companies, organizations, and business owners like you have used them to attract online leads because it works, and a side benefit is that you can generate sales from your community.

Now Imagine, you growing your online business because you decided to Face Your Business Growth Challenges by joining this Bizniversity® Strategic Growth Challenge!

JOIN the Bizniversity® 3-Day Quick and Easy Grow Your List Challenge STARTING NOW!

Now You Can Start Your Journey into Online Sales Mastery by using some of the TOP Methods used by some the Most Successful Entrepreneurs Today!

During this 3 day LIVE and highly interactive challenge I will be sharing with you the exact steps to grow your business by growing your list.

What is This Challenge and Why Should You Want to Join?

This challenge consists of a set of action steps that will be given to you over the course of 3 days, that will lead to a specific (doable!) result.

There will be no fluff because I enjoy being transparent and comprehensive with all my training experiences.

By joining me, you will have the opportunity to go from just settling for mediocre email subscriber lists to Attracting, Capturing and Retaining Affluent Loyal Clients Online.

This national crisis has created a whole new set of problems for almost every type of business.

You may agree, that now is the best time to stop the outdated and archaic ways of growing your list because the world has been immediately pushed into an online only existence.

By now, you know that there is no way we are just going back to business as usual. The world as we knew it has changed.

I believe the stage is now set...for you to change what no longer works and begin using the new strategies, tactics and tools that are available to you.

You may agree that it would be a huge mistake for you to sit around patiently waiting and hoping for business to go back to what it was before the pandemic.

Are you ready to learn new and better ways to grow your business?


Imagine the impact of you Quickly and Easily Growing your bottom line by growing your list.

Imagine, Easily Making More Money by Selling In The Inbox

Now You Can Finally Learn An easy approach to increase your list

With No Cold Calling, No hassles and No Rejection

Then join me today inside the Bizniversity® 3-Day Quick and Easy Grow Your List Challenge.

Click the button below now and be sure to get registered right away to ensure you do not miss this incredibly unique and powerful opportunity.

I cannot wait to see what happens once you SAY YES to joining me! 

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Take Action Today Because

By The End of this Challenge You Will Learn:

  •  The simple yet powerful steps for launching a very attractive and compelling offer to help you generate quality leads to grow you online sales and marketing funnel during the current business climate.
  • Powerful Growth strategies for how to acquire more of your ideal customers right now!
  • How to grow your online business with the most effective modern-day marketing strategies being used by the most elite marketers and speakers today.

Here’s How It Works

  • Step #1 Sign Up for The Challenge

  • Step #2 Set Aside 1-hour Each Day to join me in the Live Training

  • Step #3 Work through the assignment at your own pace until you are done!

    I recommend spending an hour a day so you can get the fastest and best results.

    You will also be getting the value of ongoing training through our private Facebook Group!


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Creating a compelling offer is easier than you think. If you know your customers and know their needs, you are already on your way!

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Putting together an effective Lead Capture Page for your new offer is simple, with the low-cost email platform you may already be using!

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People are going to love your Irresistible Offer, but first they have to know about it. Social media makes this part easy!

What You Will Learn, Day by Day:

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Learn how to assemble an Irresistible Offer (IO) using a clear message, great value, and a strong Call to Action.

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Now that you have a compelling lead magnet, you will create a Lead Capture Page for all the new prospects that can't wait to sign up for your new IO.

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This is when it all comes together. Use Facebook and other social media to drive traffic to your Lead Capture Page with your IO - and watch your list grow!

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Evie Hernandez

Strategic Growth Speaker

Evie Hernandez is a Strategic Growth Speaker with Bizniversity®. She empowers professional speakers and other business owners to grow their digital presence and increase their online sales by effectively Integrating Sales with Marketing (sMarketing) to Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent Clients.

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