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FAB RICH LIFE MEDITATIONS, Affirmations, and Journal Prompts


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Good morning. Good morning.

Let's declare this a good morning. Today is a new day. Today is a new beginning. We get to decide what we want to create today. Today we create our FAB RICH LIFE.

Today we create our day. Today we become our future self. We are now becoming our future self. This is a great morning. We are so grateful for this wonderful, magnificent, perfect morning. We have consciously created everything we desire, everything we want. We have attracted and manifested into our existence, here and now, we are smiling. We can't help ourselves but smile because we are living our wonderful, most amazing, most fabulous life, and we are grateful for that. Our hearts are full of gratitude. Gratitude for the magnificence, for the perfection of our lives, here and now. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for this moment, for today, for this experience, for this life - becoming our future self is possible. It's being done right here, right now. As we think about our day and ask ourselves, what is ours to do? Where are we to go? What are we to see? What are we to read? What are we to breathe?

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Where are we to walk to? What are we to do today to be our most wonderful self? We release and let go of yesterday, of our past. Today belongs to us. We choose to feel. We choose to act. We choose to be our most wonderful, fabulous selves, here and now and in every moment of our lives. Today we recognize that we are powerful creators. We recognize that time, although it may feel real, it's an illusion, and we can never run out of time when we are living our purpose, our mission, and our vision, and we walk towards our destiny right now. As we breathe in and breathe out, we recognize our existence, our power, and our abilities here and now. We recognize our potential to be to and have half anything and everything we desire. Through the power of our imagination, we create our day through the power of our imagination, we create our week through the power of our imagination. We create our year - this year- through the power of our imagination. We consciously choose to create the life of our dreams. Oh, how wonderful. So good. It makes us want to smile. We can't help but smile as we realize our power.

As we realize our ability to create from within to without. So, let's go deep, deep into that higher self where we know that we know that we know that we know who we are, what we are about, the essence of our beingness as we choose to be here and now, we choose to be happy here and now - we choose to smile here and now. We choose to feel joy, to feel relaxed, to feel hopeful, to feel positive, to feel powerful, to feel possible.  For we know that we are the creators of our own reality and we know that there's plenty of time today to be, to do, and to have all that we want this day because we are conscious creators. Illumined by that powerful inner light that guides us, that instructs us, that leads us on our way, on our path to our best, highest persona, future reality. Created by design, created with love, created with purpose to be experienced today, tomorrow, and then the hereafter. If we choose when we choose, because we choose, oh, we feel such gratitude, because we acknowledge the power of our being because we know we can and because we've seen.

With our own eyes that we have, therefore we know we can. We've also seen experience and been inspired by so many others who have. And so we know the power of the human mind to consciously create from the inside out. Anything and everything we want today, we choose peace. We choose to vibrate at the highest possible human level, and we vibrate with the energy of peace. Today we vibrate with the energy of love. We see love. We are love. We experience love with every breath, with every experience through every human interaction. We are love. We live as love for we recognize that love is real. We feel it. We vibrate to it, it at the highest level. And we understand that by so doing, we begin transforming our thoughts into reality. We begin transforming our lives. We begin experiencing it all. All that life has to offer is ours for the asking. Ask and you shall receive. Ask now here with our eyes closed, with our hearts, open, with our minds and full awareness of this divine moment. We want to ask, and we want to create. So, let's take a few moments to breathe in and out and ask.


Let's dare to ask greatly - BIG.

Let's do that now.



Living our FAB RICH LIFE means that we feel that we act and that we be rich. That's what fab rich means. Feel, act, be rich. Now. Feel that. Feel that fabulous life. Act as if your life is and be fully in there. You're doing it. It's happening. Allow it, experience it, enjoy it. Today is a great day. Today is a wonderful day. Today is the beginning of your future life. Today we choose to feel, to act and to be richly blessed, richly wonderful, healthy, aware, prosperous, and luxuriating in our wonderful life here and now. And so, it is. Yes.


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