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Speaking has gone virtual - are you ready to thrive?

If you are a professional paid speaker who has been successfully booking speaking engagements in person for many years, what are you doing to grow your business now during this ever-changing environment?

 Are you asking yourself, what am I going to do to generate income from now - until who knows when?

 How will you turn your business around?

 Here at Bizniversity® we are proactively sharing our knowledge with professionals like you, because we know you will appreciate learning from those who are making it happen.

 We have created a Virtual Speakers Growth Summit to help you not just survive but thrive during these challenging times.

 We are bringing together some of the best business minds we know to share with your simple secrets to increase your online presence and sales.

Professional Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Course Creators

Are you ready to learn

  • How to Elevate Your Brand Presence Online
  • How to Expand Your Influence
  • How To Easily Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • How To Easily and Effectively Master Virtual Presentations
  • How To Create Systems to Thrive Today and In The Future

Bizniversity® Speakers Growth Summit

An Interactive, Online Event for the Professional Speakers Community

The Bizniversity® Speakers Growth Summit is a fully interactive online event that will deliver the awesome learning and networking experience you need today!

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Evie Hernandez

Founder, Bizniversity® Strategic Growth Seminars

Evie Hernandez is a Strategic Growth Speaker and the founder of Bizniversity®.

Get to Know Evie

Omar Zenhom

WebinarNinja, CEO & Co-Founder

Omar Zenhom is co-founder and CEO of WebinarNinja, and host of the popular podcast The $100 MBA Show.

Get to Know Omar

Lois Creamer

Author, Book More Business: Make Money Speaking

Lois works with speakers, consultants, and experts who want to fully monetize their intellectual property.

Get to Know Lois

Gina Carr

Business Growth Strategist Gina Carr works with speakers who want to monetize their knowledge with video-based courses and membership programs.


Get to Know Gina

Ramon Ray

Editor, Producer of Smart Hustle Media

Ramon’s expertise is technology, marketing, sales, business startup and growth, and his favorite is personal branding.

Get to Know Ray

Chris Krimitsos

Chief Creative Officer, Podfest Expo

Chris, a speaker and a business leader, is empowering audiences toward better opportunities for succeeding in business in the 21st century.

Get to know Chris

Joel Vivanco

Lead Solutions Consultant, Kajabi, LLC

How to Grow Your online business with Kajabi


Get to Know Our Speakers

Secrets You Will Discover:

  • How to Automate and Accelerate Your Business to the Top with Evie Hernandez
  • How to Sell Online Memberships and Courses with Gina Carr
  • How to Present and Market Webinars with Omar Zenhom
  • How to Create Successful Virtual Events with Chris Krimitsos
  • How to Grow Your Online Business with Kajabi

#SGS2020 will bring you actionable content to help you grow your online business


A New Virtual event experience re-imagined

Q&A breakout sessions, and  networking

A full day of Learning, Growing and Networking

Join us and come ready to experience breakthrough ideas to transform your business.

The Speakers Growth Summit, powered by Bizniversity®, is a one day online event covering topics such as strategy, client acquisition, online membership programs and optimizing your intellectual property by creating online courses.

Speakers Growth Summit Agenda

  • 8:45 AM - Check-in
  • 9:00 AM Welcome
  • 9:15 AM - TBA

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