How I paid a higher price for trying to do my wedding alone

hiring help Dec 22, 2021

One painful truth I learned while planning my happiest day ever!

 Why should we pay someone for help if we know we can do things for ourselves?

You know that is a weird sentence to begin a thought but that is what came to my mind.

When I first began planning my wedding, I thought to myself that I may need help.

But because I was only having a mini wedding, at the time I reasoned, “I do not have too many things to do – I can do this by myself.”

Now I wish I had paid someone to coordinate my special event because I learned a painful truth.

“We may pay a higher price for trying to do important things alone!”

Here is a question:

Have you ever thought that it would be easier to do something by yourself, only to later find out that you should have asked for help?

How does this relate to your business?

Oftentimes entrepreneurs and other self-reliant people, like me, think that we can, should and must do all things alone - by ourselves.

This is an untruth that does not serve us.

Today, I woke up thinking about this because as I reviewed what happened on my happiest day ever– my wedding - I realized that things did not come out exactly as I had originally imagined, and I now believed that things would have come out better if I had paid for help.

I think now looking back on it that I learned a valuable lesson that is applicable to our business.

The lesson I learned from not paying someone to help me during my wedding is simply to pay for help when I know I cannot oversee it all.

What am I specifically talking about?

I believe I should have hired a wedding coordinator to help me with the details that I was unable to manage alone on that day.

By the way, if you are wondering what this story has to do with how we handle our business, let me share some thoughts.

Do you have an event coming up that you are trying to do all by yourself?

Do you have a challenge, a retreat, or a summit that you are planning, that you think you can oversee by yourself?

I know that I often think I can, and yet I say in truth I have never done them by myself.

I always ask for help and I always get help even when I am doing it all by myself.

It is crucial, if we want to advance our business and really expand our reach in the marketplace, we must learn to ask for help.

Yes, I am talking about all kinds of help.

Getting event partners: affiliate, referral, and business partners when we are hosting an event.

As I now think about my past and future events, I believe we MUST get paid help.

Sometimes we think that we do not need to pay others to do the things we know how to do, like doing a Zoom virtual event by yourself because you may think you do not need a Zoom producer.

Or like if you are redoing your website and you know you have made slight changes on it in the past, you may say to yourself, “I'll get it done!” when in fact you should pay a web designer to help you.

Ask yourself, what things do you do in your business that you should be paying someone else to do?

Please note that I know that sometimes we may not have the budget to pay someone to do something for us, and I understand that at those times we must do things by ourselves.

But now is the time to ask ourselves questions before our next big project:

  • Is this the best use of my time?
  • If I do this project alone, will it come out the way I imagined it?
  • Will the savings I may obtain by doing this project alone be worth my time now and in the future?

I hope that as you are planning your next big business event, you remember this blog article because I believe it will help you plan more efficiently.

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with your questions, thoughts, and ideas about this topic, or suggestions for future topics.



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