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Learn our Client Attraction Strategy and Attract 30 Clients in 30 Days!!!

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By participating in this 7-day training, you will know:

  • How to Attract More of Your Ideal Clients to your Website

  • How to Easily Capture More Emails and Grow Your List of Clients

  • How to sell more solutions online by writing copy that converts clients

YES! I WANT CLIENTS To Know Me, Like Me and Trust Me!

A day by day look ahead

Day 1 Attraction Mindset, Marketing, Money

How to adopt a client attraction mindset to guarantee you will succeed

Many business owners merely "push" their product to customers instead of "pulling" it through attractive, valuable, and irresistible offers. This can lead to low customer acquisition. When people feel pushed into buying something and they are not sold on how it solves any of their problems they do not buy.

At Bizniversity®, we use an approach we call Automated Client Attraction Marketing, which can be applied to everything from social media marketing, to lead generation to closing sales. To attract clients, a business owner must have a clear idea of their dream client and the problem that they solve for them.

In this session, we will provide some examples of how marketing can be used to attract and how you must align your mindset energetically to that of your dream client and offer what they want and need. Our client attraction marketing is based on understanding how your dream clients’ wants and desires align with your own to create a win-win outcome.

Day 2 - Strategy, Systems, Success

How our Bizniversity® Client Attraction Strategy Aka Sales Automation Strategy will Boost your Profits

I always say that your Strategy must always precede your Tactics and Tools. Therefore, on day 1 we will focus on your strategy. Part of successfully growing your business is having the right mindset.
We will help you get your marketing strategy and mindset in order.
I like the saying, “Start with the End in Mind”. I believe that my own saying, “Start with RESULTS in mind” is even more appropriate when we speak about Client Attraction.
When we talk about Client Attraction, the right mindset is particularly important. Mindset helps you with manifesting your desires.

Day 3 - Irresistible Lead Magnets

How to ATTRACT and GROW a QUALITY list with Irresistible Lead Magnets.

Easy Steps to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet that Attract Your Ideal Dream Clients

You may be asking yourself; how can you create Lead Magnets that offer something so compelling that your ideal clients want what you are offering more than your competitors’ offers?
If you are wondering how you can create memorable lead magnets that attract your ideal client, join our Challenge and let’s begin creating your perfect client magnet.


Day 4

How to Create Unforgettable Welcome and Thank You Video Emails

 Want to Write Better Welcome Emails that Boost Sales? According to research from Campaign Monitor, Welcome Emails get read 42% more than average emails. Welcome emails see more than 3x the transactions and revenue per email over regular promotional emails. (InboxArmy).

People like to feel appreciated, therefore, creating a Thank You Video is a valuable reminder to your clients that you appreciate them. Share a Thank You Video on a webpage or inside an email and see what happens!

On Day 4, you will learn how to easily write a compelling Welcome Email and create a Memorable Thank You Video.

Day 5

How to Automate Emails to Sell More Solutions to Clients Consistently

 Email marketing automation sequences will help you sell more online solutions. Research shows that sales productivity increases by 14.5% with marketing automation. It may be true that the first 3 emails you write for your Welcome Email Sequences may take you 3 hours, but the more you practice writing emails that get opened and clicked the better you will become. You will also love to be able to capture sales from people who initially did not buy your offer but open your abandoned cart email sequence and bought your solution after you successfully convinced them.

Day 6 - Tools, Tips, Tricks, and Technology

How to Leverage Marketing Automation Tools to Boost Your Results

Clients are always asking about the tools, tips, tricks, and technology that will help them grow their business online. However, it can be hard to stay on top of all the new developments in the space.

Marketing tools help keep your marketing team on track, but without proper training, they can also be a time-consuming burden that doesn't produce the best results possible.

For most people, the word "marketing" is associated with a lot of work and a lot of headaches. It's a process that is difficult to get right and a process that feels truly overwhelming.

Day 7 - How to Attract More Clients by sharing content that converts

On social media, organic reach refers to content that you create and share without using ads.
Most experts say that Facebook organic reach is down yet for many online content creators, Facebook is the best way to attract prospective clients.
What are we to do?
On this day, we will discuss how we can still leverage the power of organic social media marketing to attract our ideal clients.


This challenge is for you if


  • You want to ACCELERATE people's Know, Like, and Trust Factor!

  • You want an online Sales Automation Strategy that clearly and easily shows you how to generate more ongoing sales automatically.

  • You want to learn how to drive more quality and qualified client traffic to your website.

  • You want to Attract more buying clients from social media Easily and with Ease!!

  • You want to grow a Profitable business!!!


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Evie Hernandez is a Strategic Growth Speaker who teaches organizations and individuals how to leverage email marketing automation to increase their sales.

She is the founder of Bizniversity® Strategic Growth Seminars– an innovative learning platform focused on teaching the latest digital marketing automation strategies and tactics.

Evie is a Certified Virtual Presenter of Excellence who delights and keeps audiences engaged on the stage and on the screen. She has been speaking LIVE in person and on virtual stages for over 14 years.

Evie is an experienced Growth Strategist, who worked for over 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry with Bayer, Abbott, and Wyeth before opening her own company in Florida over 14 years ago.

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