Get 7 Simple Secrets to Boost Your Email Results- Video On Demand Series

7 Simple Secrets to Boost Your Email Results Video On Demand Series

Your 7 Days can begin whenever you want because this series is a Video-ON-Demand Series.

Attention Business Owners: 

Speakers, Coaches, Business Consultants, Authors, Marketers


By now you may be asking yourself what this 7 Days to Quickly and Easily Boost Your Results Challenge  all about?

Did you ever hear about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Social media?

Did you know that the Ice Bucket Challenge dramatically accelerated the fight against ALS? 

Social media, especially Facebook challenges, have been around for a while.

Many companies, organizations, and business owners like you have used them to attract online leads because it works, and a side benefit is that you can generate sales from your community.

Now Imagine, you, growing your online business because you decided to Face Your Business Growth Challenges by joining this Bizniversity® Strategic Growth Challenge!

Ask yourself: Why aren’t you getting better results with your email marketing campaigns?

Why are people deleting your emails and not clicking your buttons?

Why is it so difficult for you to generate traffic and sales to your website from your email marketing campaigns?

You may agree that if you knew the answers to these questions you would be getting better results. 

Well, now you can!!!!

If you have been creating email marketing campaigns for a while and do not yet know why you are not getting the results you need, then you must reserve your spot to this awesome 7-day challenge "series" that others have said has transformed their email marketing from boring to soaring!


Maybe you are frustrated because you spend hours writing subject lines, but they are quickly overlooked.


Maybe you think that “buy now” is the only call to action that you should care about because you desperately need sales.


By attending this virtual Strategic Growth Series, I will challenge you every day with an assignment to help you grow your business on a daily basis.


Finally, learn How You Can Improve Your Email Marketing Results in just 7 Days!


Reserve Your Spot today for our special Intensive Strategic Growth Series.

Finally, Discover How to Quickly and Easily

  1. Attract Qualified Prospective Clients

  2. Grow A Quality Email List

  3. Leverage Email Marketing with Social Media 

  4. Write Subject Lines That Scream to Be Seen™

  5. Write Remarkable Email Copy that Converts Every Time

  6. Write Calls to Action That Get You Powerful Results

  7. Create An Automatic Email Sequence

Meet Evie Hernandez - Your Email Marketing Expert Trainer and Strategic Growth Specialist

Evie Hernandez is a Strategic Growth Speaker at Bizniversity®. She has been speaking on stages for over 14 years. She empowers professional speakers and other business owners to grow their digital presence and increase their online sales by effectively Integrating Sales with Marketing or sMarketing as she calls it, to Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent Clients.

Evie developed the Bizniversity® Strategic Growth System (SGS) by combining her over 24 years of sales and marketing experience to execute an integrated plan that delivers results. She is a Certified Professional Presenter and Speaker and a Constant Contact email marketing expert trainer and partner for over 12 years.

Evie is an experienced Growth Strategist, who opened her own company in Florida over 14 years ago.

What You will Discover In 7 Days

Day #1 Attract Quality and Qualified Prospective Clients

Email marketing is only as effective as the quality of your list.

That is why having a qualified  prospective clients that you continue growing - is vital to the success of your business – short term and long term.

Being an effective Lead Generator requires you have a Strategy to Attract and Capture Ideal Clients Attention.

Day #2 How to Quickly and Easily Grow A Quality Email List

By attending this virtual seminar, you will learn

1) How to Attract Your Ideal Clients

2) How to Capture Quality Email Addresses by using some of the BEST Opt-in Tactics proven to work today.

3) How to Retain Client’s Attention by Nurturing them in The Inbox


Day #3 How to Quickly and Easily Leverage Email Marketing with Social Media


Day #4 How to Quickly and Easily Write Subject Lines that Scream to be Seen!

Day #5 How to Quickly and Easily Write Remarkable Email Copy that Converts Every Time

Day #6 How to Quickly and Easily Write Calls to Action that Get You Powerful Results


Day #7 How to Quickly and Easily Create An Automatic Email Sequence

Testimonials and Reviews

Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CVP Global Thought Leader on #Diversity and #Inclusion ✪ Leads Power Women Worldwide ✪ Quoted in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, HR Magazine ✪ Motivational Speaker Hall of Fame

Evie surprised participants with her excellent, engaging way of connecting with the audience in the first five minutes. She gave the participants tips and tools they can use immediately. She was fun, engaging, smart, and gave incredible, usable tips to market your business.